Beihai wedding photography | take a wedding photo summer dress selection!

Summer is not only a good time for girls to show their body, but also a good time to take a wedding photo. The bride can choose a few sexy and beautiful wedding dresses in the summer, and show their perfect body curves in front of the camera. How to choose a summer wedding dress? ? The following small series will share with you what are the choices of summer wedding dresses and what styles of wedding photos are suitable for summer.
First Weiße Brautkleider, what are the selection of summer wedding dresses?
1, color
The color of summer wedding dresses is bright and colorful. The colors popular in spring and summer are nude, pink, blue-green günstige brautkleider für schwangere, etc. These colors are honored into the wedding design, so that you will become the focus of everyone in this summer, but The brides should pay attention to the color of the wedding dress to match their skin color and hair color.

(The picture shows Beihai Jinsha Bell wedding photography works)
2, texture
The hot summer climate is naturally the pursuit of light and breathable wedding dresses, such as silk or spandex, which are both light and cool, and can show the bride’s gentle temperament. Regardless of which fabric the bride chooses, the bride’s dress should be considered for her skin tone and body.

(The picture shows Beihai Jinsha Bell wedding photography works)
3, style
The short wedding dress is very suitable for the bride to wear in the summer, not only can make the bride look more youthful and lively, but also reveal the perfect leg line, cute and sexy, but the short wedding dress on the bride’s leg curve The requirements are relatively high.

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